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Electronic System Level Design Tool VisualSim Success Story: TOPS Systems 

AI/ML, sensors and cameras going mainstream has made picking and  predicting the product architecture into a quantitative art. Volume of data,  processing capacity and communication bandwidth has pushed FPGAs,  emulators, and prototype boards into obsolescence when it comes to  architecture study. AI, high-speed simulation, conformance to safety  standards, and traditional performance modeling has enabled system-level  modeling to expand the scope of trade-offs, make exploration effective and  provide full architecture coverage.

Mirabilis Design has introduced intelligent system-level modeling IP and  application templates within VisualSim Architect for architecture exploration  and collaborative development for Intellectual Property (IP), SoC, software,  and embedded systems. Over 150 application templates and 500 IP  components have shown to reduce model development time by 60% and  scope of exploration by 15X. We have successfully executed more than 250  projects including rockets, cameras, processors, SoC, satellites, car networks,  aircrafts, SSD, High performance computers and display systems. 

Perfect planning and validation of dynamic performance is absolutely  essential to eliminate the considerable architectural and algorithmic risks in  developing a system running at supercomputer performance. Performance of  very data dependent processing such as AI/ML cannot be estimated without simulation”, said Dr. Yukoh Matsumoto, Founder and CEO of TOPS Systems.  “We completed the entire architecture modeling effort in VisualSim within  three months and achieved an 80% cost reduction for modeling compared with SystemC. Without VisualSim, the modeling would have required over 1.5  years of development effort.”


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